Counselling & Psychotherapy


 “Gabrielle is a highly skilled and professional counsellor and she manages all areas of her clinical work with integrity, sensitivity and competence.  It is rare to find a counsellor that can work with children, families, youth and adults, with so much flexibility in clinical judgement and strength in her skill base”  – H. Dawson  MA, RCC, RCAT  Vancouver,  Canada

If you are looking for counselling or psychotherapy services that are down-to-earth, collaborative and respectfully attuned to your personal experience, please take a look below. 

Please note: my services do not include crisis intervention or emergency response.  If you are feeling unsafe or are in crisis, please contact your local crisis hotline or call 911 for immediate help. Thank you.

I believe outstanding and meaningful therapy comes to life at the intersection of art, science & compassion.  It’s a purposeful collaboration that offers greater ease, clarity, and heart. 

My clinical counselling and psychotherapy services  draw from a range of client-centred approaches in order to offer you  the most personalized and helpful experience possible.

I work with people  wanting to reclaim peace, joy and self-agency  into their lives despite devastating personal loss, chronic anxiety,  illness,  or difficulties in their important relationships.


We can work together around:

  • anxiety and worry
  • acute or chronic stress
  • adult children of addicted and/or abusive caregivers
  • bullying
  • burn-out
  • childhood trauma
  • communication
  • depression
  •  fears
  • grief
  • guilt and shame
  • generational trauma
  •  illness
  • impact of residential school
  • life transitions
  • loneliness
  • perfectionism
  • personal loss
  • pregnancy and postpartum
  • parenting
  • relationships
  • separation and divorce
  •  traumatic event

You can choose to participate in your counselling experience through:

  • conversational support and exploration

  • Creative Arts Therapy activities along with conversation

  • a combination of both whenever you wish.

All of these approaches will include applications from CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), Family Systems, and Solutions Focused therapy models where helpful.

You are welcome to ask questions about the process at  any time.

I believe in a holistic approach, so if you’re interested we’ll take the opportunity to reflect on how your physical health and self-care practices may be supporting, or undermining, your emotional wellbeing and vice versa.

I often share resources, ideas and book titles with the aim of enhancing your efforts toward personal enrichment and self-empowerment.  I welcome your input and would love to hear about  titles or authors you find inspiring.

Our work together may include simple writing and reading assignments and/or other helpful activities for you to practice outside our meetings.

These are always optional, but  I recommend them for anyone addressing challenges like chronic worry, anxiety,  or a tendency toward overly critical or negative self-talk.

Why? I want your positive experience in therapy to expand into your daily living and be integrated beyond the therapeutic hour.

When people talk about  concerns and challenges during therapy,  they often feel better in the moment and may experience flashes of deeper understanding and more clarity around what they need.

However, once they have left that productive and private hour to re-enter their busy lives,  details of their process may slip away.

If you’re attempting to make changes in your habits of thought and action,  you’ll want the details to stick.

Doing simple exercises I suggest, or making personal notes in a journal,  will provide you the chance to  build and strengthen some practical new tools.  You gain more.

For over 15 years I have worked in diverse  health and education settings providing person-centred, strengths-based psychotherapy, Art Therapy, and counselling services as a member of  multi-disciplinary teams, and also as an independent practitioner.




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