“Gabrielle is a highly skilled and professional counsellor and she manages all areas of her clinical work with integrity, sensitivity and competence.  It is rare to find a counsellor that can work with children, families, youth and adults, with so much flexibility in clinical judgement and strength in her skill base”  

– H. Dawson  MA, RCC, RCAT  Vancouver,  Canada



Sometimes, just being heard in the safe environment of a therapy session does wonders for reducing pain and isolation.

Add to this a therapeutic conversation that supports: reflection, the return of hope, increased clarity, the practice of self-compassion, and the gaining of a fresh perspective on a problem, and the therapy session has deepened to an even more collaborative and hopeful process.

There’s great potential for healing emotional injuries, releasing unhelpful beliefs and habits, and for finding your confidence and self-agency beyond  temporary relief of distress.   At an even more active level of collaboration (still gentle and reassuring),  therapy offers really effective, even life-changing tools and ideas, customized to the individual and augmented by opportunities to practice and adjust.


Hello, and welcome.  I am deeply committed to supporting the well-being of my clients.  I provide counselling, psychotherapy and therapeutic coaching services that are down-to-earth, collaborative, and respectfully attuned to an individual’s unique and very personal experience.


Whether it is a difficult life circumstance, strained relationships, or a lingering personal block that brings people to see me, I enlist the very best of my combined education and extensive clinical experience to assist people in their efforts to feel better and to navigate the tough times successfully.

Over the past twenty years, I have worked in diverse  health and education settings providing person-centred, strengths-based psychotherapy, Art Therapy, and counselling services as a member of  multi-disciplinary teams, and as an independent practitioner.