Studio 124


STUDIO 124 is a peaceful urban space  where you can  recharge your batteries and feel whole.





Compassionate care of the self deepens the quality of your life, supports you toward making the meaningful contributions to the world that you yearn to make, and has a ripple effect on those around you.

Classes & Events

Classes offered through Studio 124 are all about relaxation, stress-reduction, self-development, creative and expressive arts, holistic principles, self-empowerment and conscious living.

Depending on the class, you will have a chance to:

  • Practice artful methods for relaxing and nourishing your mind and body
  • Experience simple and beautiful ways to manage chronic pain and create new meaning around your pain.
  • Honor and explore life transitions
  • Deepen your wellbeing and joy through crafting simple healing and self-care gifts for someone you care about.
  • Develop your “voice” and your vision through expressive arts activities and personal design.



A variety of classes and workshops aim to celebrate, honor and support:

  • Adults looking to recharge, reconnect and unwind
  • Personal and professional caregivers and front line workers
  • New mamas & their babies wanting to connect
  • Children
  • Children with their elders and other caregivers
  •  Fathers with children
  • Youth who want a safe and creative space where they can explore concerns and aspirations
  • Dreamers and visionaries



Slow down, unplug and get real.



Unwind and feed your soul  in the light-filled, relaxing space within the Garrison Brewing Company building,  across from the Seaport Farmer`s Market and NSCAD in downtown Halifax.

You can also arrange to have a workshop brought to your office or gathering.